Easton SA



Lighting & Electrical Distributors In South Africa

Easton SA and The Lighting One Stop is partnering since 2018. Distributing LED lights, solar systems and DC powered appliances. As Lighting Wholesalers & Electrical Distributors In South Africa, Providing high quality and value for money products is the core of the business. "Value for money" means giving clients competitive prices and providing products with long term saving (such as using less electricity).

Easton SA is focusing on LED lights, torches, batteries, solar panels, regulators (also called "controller"), inverters and 12V appliances. A wide range of D.I.Y. solar components can be found from our shop or this website. Different kinds of ready made solar kits are available as well.  The "Product" page of this website will provide more details.

The Lighting One Stop showroom is located in 624, Jacqueline drive, Garsfontein, South Africa. Alternatively, contact us at sales@eastonsa.co.za where our professional staffs will assist with your query.