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12V appliances

The Lighting One Stop makes it simple for you to get those household items you need, by allowing you to browse our site to buy household appliances online.

With a wide selection of high-quality and affordable battery chargers, fans, camping equipment and household appliances; we make it simple for you to get the things you need for your home.

Battery Chargers

We offer a range of 6 and 12V battery chargers in varying capacities, in 8 and 20 amp variants. Robust, versatile and cost-effective, these battery charges provide an ideal power solution to a number of applications.


Keep it simple and cool with our selection of 12V floor and table stand fans. Cost-effective, long-lasting and of high-quality, these fans provide the ideal cooling solution for homes and workplaces.

Camping Equipment

The Lighting One Stop offers specialised, affordable and high-quality camping equipment such as our fishing/camping 12V COB with 4.5m rod; remote switches, and camping 12V COB with socket and clamp.

Household Appliances

We offer a range of reliable, effective and affordable household appliances for sale, including 12V hair-driers, steam-irons, plastic and metal kettles, and rice cookers.

Buy Household Appliances Online at The Lighting One Stop

We make it simple for you to buy appliances online in South Africa.

If you would like to know more about what we at The Lighting One Stop has to offer online, be sure to keep browsing our website, or get into contact with one of our representatives for details.