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LED flood lights

If you are in need of LED flood lights, we offer an abundance of options to choose from. Browse through our selection of products which will enhance your outdoor experience. Get an improvement in visibility and versatility today.

When you opt to buy LED flood lights online you guarantee convenience. Moreover, LED flood lights are an upgrade from the traditional incandescent light systems. They do provide a user with far more reliability and durability and all for longer periods of time.

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LED flood lights utilise the technology provided by LED engineering to improve the quality of output. This is why both homeowners and business owners alike favour the product over other forms.

You will receive a better lighting system for outdoor visibility and activities. Furthermore, you will have a lighting system which is consistent and that lasts a long period. LED flood lights illuminate big portions of a space and has a lifespan that ensures you don’t have to replace bulbs frequently.

Before you decide to purchase any other flood light, you need to be informed that LED flood lights remain at a high level for around 10 000 to 25 000 hours. The lifespan improves the cost efficiency and you don’t have to buy bulbs or flood lights regularly. On top of this, the LED flood lights don’t break easily and thus can be used for those 10 000 to 25 000 hours.

They bulb itself increases the life of the unit by up to 2-4 times more than compared to other lighting systems. Incandescent lights last 40 times less longer than LED bulbs.

The guarantee from The Lighting One Stop is that LED bulbs will most definitely improve on your energy conservation and overall electricity spend.

You won’t pay high prices with these LED floodlights. Through the use of the lightbulbs, you can save up to 90% of your total lighting spend. This is of course dependant on the number of lights which are LED in your space.

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