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LED Tubes

LED strips and tube fittings utilise LED technology which provides reliability and durability in lighting. On top of this, they offer safety features which ensure that your home or office is protected.

This includes the fact that the tubes will not spark if a malfunction were to occur. This decreases the possibility of fires starting, which is especially important in factories where different substances can cause major issues.

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An indication of the safety is the fact that the tube is mercury free. This is a huge plus for the environment. The light-emitting diodes will not affect the environment during production and use like other lighting systems.

LED strips and tube fittings also have the ability to dim. This allows you to save on energy usage which therefore saves in terms of electricity costs. The lighting systems also perform at a high level with the ability to dim compared to other types of fluorescent lights.

Are dimmable lights not enough for you? Well, then you’ll love the fact that the LED strips and tube fittings have directional lighting. This means that you are able to illuminate precisely where you need the most light.

Compared to other lights your illumination will not get lost within the fixture or target spaces which do not require as much light.

Fluorescent lights will burn out quicker even with sensors and controls. LED strips and tube fittings work in a regular fashion without any occurrence of burnout. Furthermore, the lifespan of the systems do not depend on whether they are turned on or off.

With 30% higher efficiency than LFLs your tubes work faster and better throughout its existence. On top of this, the quality of light is healthier for people. It shines brighter yet emits less radiation with colour temperature which outmatches any fluorescent lighting systems.

There is no flickering issue which is a positive for people who work under the lights for long periods.

Last, but not least, you are guaranteed that shattering is limited or all together eliminated. Find your LED products today. Browse through our website to find exactly what you are looking for.